Top 3 Paid Advertising Tips For Senior Living Communities

Top 3 Paid Advertising Tips For Senior Living Communities

In this article you will learn the top 3 paid advertising tips for senior living communities. After spending $350,000 in attracting Senior Living, Independent Living, Assisted Living & Memory Care residents over the past few years, we’ve walked away with quite a bit of knowledge on what questions potential residents want answered.

Tip #1: Make sure you offer the right care

Senior Care is listed first, because this is what prospective residents or their loved ones are searching for. Make it easy for those visiting your website or landing pages to know exactly what your senior care facility offers. Here are some examples of the keywords & keyword phrases that are most commonly typed into Google and Bing to find our communities:

Senior Living

Senior Living is broad. It’s not uncommon for the person searching for senior living to not understand the care they or their loved one needs. Care options and terminology such as memory care or assisted living may still be foregin to them. Since it’s widely searched, be mindful that it’s even more important to state all of your care options on your website or landing page. Here are some of the most commonly searched keywords and phrases:

  • senior living facilities
  • senior living city name
  • assisted living facilities near me
  • senior housing in city name

Independent Living

Individuals who search for Independent Living can be tricky to understand. If a child is looking on behalf of a parent, they are more likely to be honest about how much or little care their parent requires. If a senior is searching Independent Living, they may be in denial about what type of care they need or they may be searching for a 55+ retirement community to live in. Be transparent about who you are and the care you offer. Here are some commonly searched keywords and phrases:

  • independent in city name
  • independent senior living
  • independent living for elderly
  • independent living near me

Assisted Living

There is a strong correlation with those who search for assisted living and have a sense of urgency to move into a facility. It’s extremely important to highlight that you offer assisted living, additional services, transportation, activities, dining, amenities, etc. The more you showcase, the more confidence you instill in providing the best possible care. Here are some frequently searched keywords and phrases:

  • assisted living city name
  • assisted living in city name
  • city name assisted living
  • luxury assisted living

Memory Care

If someone is searching for memory care, they know they have very specific needs. Most communities are not equipped to provide this type of care. If you offer memory care, say that. Be transparent with the number of beds that you offer and have available. Here are some frequently searched keywords and phrases:

  • memory care facilities in city name
  • city name memory care
  • memory care in city name
  • memory care near me

Tip #2: Make sure you are targeting the right location

Through advertising and working with the Executive Directors in our different communities, we’ve learned that those looking for senior care are typically children looking for their parents. There are some exceptions, where spouses are looking for their companions and a senior looking for themselves, but on the whole it’s the children. It’s the children who come home to visit over the holidays and realize their parents are not doing as well as they’d hope. Or children who know their parents are in a decline and are proactively looking for the next solution.

This is reflected in the search queries previously shown. It’s more common to see the search query, assisted living in… or memory care in…, for someone who is searching that lives outside of the geo-targeted area for that community

Tip #3: Be transparent in your pricing

Once a prospective resident understands the care you offer and likes the location, the last question is whether or not they can afford the care. Most prospective residents are not aware of the costs associated with senior care. Be transparent. We found that a starting point such as, “Studio’s Starting At: $2,100.” works well to answer this question.

We also recommend adding verbiage that includes, the final cost is dependent on the level of care you or your loved one needs. Each community that we work with is different. Some accept medicaid/medicare, some are private pay, regardless, be transparent as to what you accept. So many communities are afraid to put their pricing out there, don’t be.


Hope you enjoyed reading about these top 3 paid advertising tips for senior living communities. As you create and/or update your website, landing pages, etc., be sure to illustrate all of the care options that you provide. Along with an address or map to show your location and finally, a financial qualifier. Answer these three questions clearly and concisely and you’ll attract customers looking for the services, location and price you offer.