When I founded Zinnius in 2012, I wanted to create a unique experience for the businesses we work with. I wanted the relationship to feel more like a partnership than anything else. While there are numberless advertising agencies that are really good at what they do, these are our 3 uniques & what makes us different:

1. One Client, One Industry, One City

We work with one client, per industry, per city. We do this for 2 reasons – first, we’re looking to partner with a business long term. As do you, we take our time in vetting out the right businesses to work with. Second, it allows us to keep our competitive advantage. We’re able to take everything we learn across the country, in your same vertical, and apply it to your business and geo-targeted market. It gives you a true competitive advantage, regardless of budget.

2. We listen to every call

Our #1 goal is to create new business opportunities for you. To ensure that we do, we listen to just about every call. This helps us know how to adjust our marketing so we can generate more of what you want. Since generating the right call is only 50% of the sale, we’re also listening to understand how effective your inside sales team is. We can offer meaningful feedback on what we’re hearing and insight into what might help close more deals. 

3. Industry Experts

Our goal isn’t to be the biggest but to be the best. Although we have the ability to advertise in any vertical, we’ve chosen not to. Our goal is to offer a unique & exceptional service offering while helping our clients achieve success as quickly as possible. We have found that by focusing our time on learning & understanding just a few verticals, we can add even more value back to the businesses we work with as we learn from each of you. 

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