Zinnius is a boutique marketing company that works like an in-house team.

How we’re boutique:

  1. Our team is small. There are only three of us.
  2. We’re specialized. Our team has experience in a lot of different areas of marketing — SEO, email marketing, content marketing, UX design, and of course PPC. We’ve chosen to focus only on PPC because we’ve found that it’s the most effective form of advertising for the industries we work in.

How we work like an in-house team:

  1. We’re industry experts. We only work with companies in HVAC, Pest Control, Events, and Senior Living industries. We do this because we’d rather be experts in a few industries than just knowledgeable in every industry. It’s more efficient for us, and it’s more valuable for our clients.
  2. We personalize EVERY part of EVERY campaign for EVERY client. Unlike many of the “big guys,” we don’t provide cookie cutter marketing services. Since we work with several companies in the same industry (never in the same market), we’ve learned first hand that every every company in every market is different. This is why we personalize everything.
  3. We believe teamwork is essential. We’re fairly certain that no one else knows how to market for HVAC, Pest Control, Events, and Senior Living as well as we do. But we don’t presume to be anything more than “marketing experts” in these industries. And the best way to create an awesome strategy is to work with a real expert — someone who actually works for the company.
  4. We keep an open line of communication. We schedule regular calls with all of our clients to talk about results and answer questions, usually once or twice a month. But since we work so closely with each of our clients, we talk with most of them a lot more often. We’ve found that this cuts down on wasted time, frustration, and helps us get better results in the long run.
  5. We offer 100% transparency. Instead of sending our clients fancy reports every month with pretty graphs, we track everything in a shared Google Spreadsheet, which we update weekly. Our clients like it because they can easily see what’s happening with their campaigns, without having to log into Ad Words. We like it because we don’t have to spend extra time making pretty graphs.