7 Pest Control Advertising Ideas for Successful Lead Generation

Every business at some point looks to grow. If you are looking to generate more leads, consider these pest control advertising ideas for successful lead generation. Some of these you’ll recognize and others you may not, regardless, consider investing your time and energy into as many of these as you can. When it comes to lead sources, you can never have enough!

1. PPC (Pay Per Click)

Two of the most common PPC platforms are Google and Bing. PPC stands for Pay Per Click, which means exactly that, you pay every time a prospect clicks on your ad. The cost of that click varies on two main factors:

  1. The keyword or phrase that you are targeting
  2. The competition bidding for those same keywords

PPC can be difficult to perfect. You need time, a decent budget and the right formula. That formula includes proper campaign structure, ad group structure, keyword strategy (including negative keywords), dynamic landing pages and call tracking numbers.

As you execute an effective PPC strategy, make sure that you are tracking the right metric. I prefer tracking Cost Per New Opportunity which includes a phone call or chat. One of the benefits of executing an effective PPC strategy is that you can drive your Cost Per New Opportunity down over time.

Consider a PPC strategy if you have an advertising budget of at least $2,000 a month and have the ability to scale. As prospects call, they are looking for same/next day service as well as a local company to work with. If you can’t support this, you will miss out on these opportunities.

2. Google Local Services

Google Local Services is a brand new service Google began offering late last year. As opposed to Pay Per Click it offers a Pay Per Call model. This service is open to any type and size of pest control company and is now available nationwide.

Setup is relatively easy. Google has really expanded their team that supports this service and I have found it to be much smoother than it was late last year. You’ll be required to submit your insurance, license, a personal & business background check, which Google covers the cost of. You’ll have the ability to target specific zip codes, services, state your hours of operation, budget, etc.

Once everything is submitted, it takes about 2 weeks before you’ll be up and running. Once everything is setup, keep an eye on the progress of your account. This is a new service and things sometimes get lost along the way.

3. Google My Business

Another great pest control advertising idea to generate leads is Google My Business. My Business is often correlated with Google Maps, but it’s so much more than just Maps. It’s a powerful tool that you should not overlook and is simple to setup. Through Google My Business, you can give prospects a quick glimpse into who you are, the services you offer, hours of operation, photos, directions and reviews.

Do not underestimate the power of reviews, especially ones left in Google about your business. Google My Business allows you to connect with and respond to those who leave reviews about your business.

If you haven’t created an account, Google may have already created it for you. If they find that prospects are searching frequently for your business, they will often auto create a listing on your behalf that can later be claimed by the business owner. So if you haven’t created one, check first to see if one has been created and if so, claim it.

4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Historically, SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is an absolute necessity when advertising online. I strongly believe in the power of SEO, but I don’t believe it is worth a significant investment when it comes to your Pest Control business.

If you type “pest control” into Google, you’ll typically find 2-3 Google Local Listing Ads, 3-4 PPC Ads, 5-7 Google My Business listings and then you’ll find your first organic listing. What this means is that unless you are the very first organic result, you’ll potentially be buried beneath 10-12 businesses before a prospect even finds you. Even then, theres no guarantee they’ll get that far.

Having said this, I do believe that you should ensure that your website is as SEO complaint as possible. I’ve written an article on simple things you can do to ensure that you are on the right path.

5. Groupon

For years, Groupon has reached audiences that normally wouldn’t search for your business because they either already have pest service or they are simply looking for a deal. I have worked with several pest companies who used Groupon religiously but have started to distance themselves because they find that they are forced to discount their services to the point where there’s not enough profit to justify.

6. Angie’s List

Angie’s List has dominated the home service space for years now. You can’t help but notice who proudly wear their Super Service Award badge listed on their website and marketing materials. It definitely appeals to an audience who is looking for vetted, recommended help.

7. Home Advisor

Home Advisor helps home owners find trusted local pros in their areas. It’s similar to Angie’s List and offers Pest Control companies the opportunity to pay for leads, advertise and manage a profile.


Whether you are new or familiar to these different advertising strategies, it’s important to leverage as many of these as you can. Again, if you are looking to generate more leads, consider implementing as many of these pest control advertising ideas for successful lead generation.

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