How It Works

When you’re ready and it’s a good fit, we’ll walk you through the process below so we can build the most effective digital marketing plan possible for your business. We’ll need 7-10 business days to collect the information below, build an effective campaign and launch.

1. Your ideal customer

Who do you love working with? Creating a persona around your ideal customer will help us not only target but speak to them more directly. If you are unsure as to who that might be, consider who you don’t want to work and we can start there. 

2. What makes you different

Whether price, quality of service, years in business, proximity, etc. we’ll identify your three most compelling differentiators and leverage those across all of our marketing. If you don’t know where to start, we’ll share with you what others are doing and what we’ve found to be most effective.

3. Identify your geo targeted area

Since we only work with one company, per industry in a given geo-targeted area, we’ll identify not only your market today but your ideal market tomorrow. We can break down cities in suburbs and prioritize zip codes. We’ll build out city specific marketing campaigns to provide that local feel we know your customers are looking for.

4. Local call tracking #’s

We provide local call tracking numbers for you. They not only allow us to track the effectiveness of our efforts but will also allow us to record each and every call. We listen to those calls to help ensure that we are not only driving new business opportunities but also to provide meaningful feedback that we know will help close sales.

5. Dynamic landing pages

The bottom line is prospective buyers are looking to work with local companies. Our dynamic landing pages coupled with local call tracking numbers provide the unique experience these buyers are looking for. Since we won’t work with any other business in your area, we can leverage the same dynamic landing page we use across all other companies in your industry.

6. Ad creation & mangement

Between your Unique 3, defined Geo Targeted area, Local Call Tracking #’s and Dynamic Landing Pages we’ll build out an effective marketing campaign for your business. You’ll immediately benefit from everything we’ve learned, are learning  and will learn from all of the other companies we’re working with across all other cities.

7. Launch

Once everything is built, finalized and approved we’ll launch. We’ll share with you and your team everything you’ll need to know and have to identify the opportunities we’re generating. You’ll have access to our call tracking platform as well as the ad accounts we’ll create for you and that you will own.

8. Open line of communication

In the beginning, we’ll communicate as often as possible. Those first 30-90 days are extremely important for us to understand how the campaigns are performing. As the seasons and opportunities change, we’ll make the real time adjustments needed to make the most of your marketing budget.

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